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This Search Tool is one of the most useful and most powerful tool in the whole webshop! If you know what you are looking for or just fragments of it, this will make you a great service! Below we listed a couple of examples to give you some tips and tricks! If you get the idea, you can freely combine the search terms to get your best results!
Search Term Example Result
F-14/001-W1 Lists you the exact product with this ID
F-14/001 Lists you all available sizes of the F-14/001 artwork
F-14 Lists you all F-14 related products including lithographs, photo prints and everything else related to F-14
F-14 W1 Lists you all W1 size F-14 prints
Nimitz Lists all Nimitz relevant items - like the prints of aircrafts assigned to USS Nimitz (same if you enter CVN-68 for example)
F-1 Lists you the exact products containing F-1 like F-14, F-15, F-16, etc...
152905 Lists you the available products for that specific BuNo
1977 Lists all prints depicting a paintscheme from 1977
A2 CVN-69 Lists the products related to USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 but in A2 size only
CVW-8 Lists products related to CVW-8, most cases print depcitign aircraft assigned to the given air wing
Eagle Lists all F-15 Eagle and any products related to unit with a name containing Eagle like VAW-113 Black Eagles for example
DAL List all Delta Airlines prints (ICAO code of airline works as a search term)
A330 Lists all Airbus A330 types
Cathay Pacific 747 List all Boeing 747s in Cathay Pacific colors
Airbus Germany Lists all Airbus which has German registration

(you'll find this search box usually on the left or the right)

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